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Ensuring Relevancy

The URL that a PPC listing points to is the final—and most important—piece of a successful PPC campaign. It's crucial that your search terms be included not only in your listing titles and descriptions, but in the web pages to which those listings direct the user. Not only will this build confidence and credibility with potential customers, but it will help you to get listed more easily on Overture and Google.

Web page relevancy to search terms is very important. One of the worst things that an organization can do is mislead the visitor. You don't want to give the impression that you tricked the visitor into clicking your offer—especially after all the work that your IT staff has put into designing, building, and optimizing your web site.

Your marketing staff must understand that your PPC listing has about five seconds to grab a visitor's attention and get him or her to your site. Once there, you have about another five seconds to interest the user enough to lead him or her through a process of performing an action. (Whether your site's objective is to sell a service or a product, or you want the user to fill out a form or join a mailing list, the process is still the same.) If you mislead the visitor, the chances of a repeat visit to your site are slim.

To list your site with Overture, you must carefully follow their do's and don'ts for site relevancy. To help avoid rejection of your submission, study their guidelines and don't attempt to list your search terms without preparing the targeted web pages you're going to send. Even if you don't use Overture, their rules are a good set of guidelines—no matter which search engine you use to make your PPC campaign a success.

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