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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Printing Result-Set Data

TOAD makes it easy to format the data grid into an attractive report. Select the Print Grid by either choosing Grid, Print Grid from the menu bar or by right-clicking on the data grid and selecting Print Grid. Both options bring up the Report Link Designer, as shown in Figure 3.40.

Figure 3.40Figure 3.40 Toad Report Link Designer.

Right-clicking on the data grid gives many options including Print Grid.

Change your data grid headings as desired for the report output. The Report Link Designer will allow you to add headers and footers, change the fonts, print only selected columns (right-click on the Data grid and check Preview Column or Remove Preview Column), and so on.

After selecting OK on this menu, you will be presented with the Print Options screen. From here, you can perform the standard print features, such as printing the whole report or only certain pages, and do page setup functions.


If you want column totals, choose Grid, Print Setup, select the column in the Columns tab, and then check the Total This Column check box. You can also change the column heading at this time.

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