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Need to Know More?

Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit. Redmond, Washington: Microsoft Press, 2000. This book has invaluable information on implementing security accounts and policy.

Stinson, Craig, and Carl Siechert. Running Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional. Redmond, Washington: Microsoft Press, 2000. This guidebook to Windows 2000 Professional is a good source for information on user and group account management.

Hudson, James, and Fullerton, Sean. Special Edition Using Microsoft Active Directory. (ISBN: 0789724340), Indianapolis. Que Publishing, 2001. This book provides complete, in-depth coverage of the newest directory service from Microsoft. Authors Fullerton and Hudson use their previous training and administration experiences to explain how to design, implement, and troubleshoot using Active Directory.

To find more information, you can search the TechNet CD (or its online version, through http://www.microsoft.com) and/or the Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit CD using the keywords account, policy, SAM, authentication, group, user rights, and group policy.

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