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Campus Cluster Maximum Distances

A campus cluster based on Sun Cluster 3.0 software is a cluster where nodes are separated by distance in at least two sites. Conventional wiring (copper or multimode fiber) technology used in data centers does not span the distance needed for the cluster and storage interconnects. In many cases, use of third-party fiber networks and WDMs may be necessary to bridge the required distances of a geographically dispersed cluster.

TABLE 2 summarizes the maximum distances for storage and network interconnects based on the IEEE 802.3 standards and product specifications. By using special third-party hardware, such as transceivers and single-mode fibers, these distances can be further extended. Transceivers are used in SunPlex technology-based campus clusters to convert to and from fiber, both multimode and single mode. Maximum distances should be checked against product specifications for each specific deployment.

TABLE 2 Maximum Distances for Interconnects

Interconnect Type

Maximum Distance

Storage Interconnect

SWGBIC (1Gb) 500m
SWGBIC (2Gb) 150m/300m4
LWGBIC (1Gb/2Gb) 10000m5

Cluster Interconnect Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-X

SWGBIC (1000BASE-SX) 220m/550m6
LWGBIC (1000BASE-LX) 5000m7

Cluster Interconnect Fast Ethernet BASE-X8

100BASE-TX (twisted pair) 100m9
100BASE-FX (half duplex, multimode fiber) 412m10
100BASE-FX (full duplex, multimode fiber) 2000m11
Storage Interconnect 500m

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