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This chapter is from the book


The quiz questions are designed to test your understanding of the material covered in this hour.


  1. The command to create a new directory in FreeBSD is

    1. md

    2. createdir

    3. newdir

    4. mkdir

    5. makedir

  2. Which of the following directory names are legal? (Choose all applicable answers.)

    1. mydir

    2. This is a directory

    3. "My Directory"

    4. _directory1

    5. -directory2

  3. The –a option to the ls command does which of the following?

    1. It causes all files to be listed.

    2. It shows files beginning with a period (.).

    3. All of the above.

    4. None of the above.

    5. The ls command does not have a –a option.

  4. The command rm * will perform which of the following actions? (Choose the best answer.)

    1. It will delete a file that is named *.

    2. It will delete a file that contains the * character.

    3. It will delete all the files in the current directory.

    4. It will do nothing at all because * is an illegal filename.

    5. rm is not a valid FreeBSD command.

Quiz Answers

  1. D is the correct answer. None of the other commands listed are valid FreeBSD commands.

  2. A, C, and D are legal directory names. B is illegal because it contains spaces and is not quoted. E is illegal because directory names cannot begin with a dash unless quoted.

  3. The correct answer is C.

  4. The best answer is C. The * is a wildcard that will match all existing files in the directory.

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