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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Live Upgrade

Solaris Live Upgrade is a feature introduced in Solaris 9 OE. This feature enables you to upgrade to a newer release of Solaris OE. However, if you use a previous version of Solaris OE, such as Solaris 2.6 or Solaris 7 or 8, then you would be required to install Solaris Live Upgrade packages on your current operating system. You can install the Solaris Live Upgrade packages from the Solaris 9 DVD or Solaris 9 Software 2 of 2 CD.

When upgrading from Solaris 2.6 to Solaris 9, you can use the WebStart, SunInstall, and the JumpStart upgrade methodologies. For Solaris 7 and 8, you can use Live Upgrade to upgrade, in addition to WebStart, SunInstall, and JumpStart.

Disk Space Requirements

Live Upgrade requires you to create a boot environment on your system. Each boot environment may require a minimum of 350Mb to a maximum of 800Mb of disk space, depending on your system software requirements.

You need to estimate the size of the file system to create the boot environment. To do so, start the process of creating a new boot environment. The process automatically calculates the size of the file system. When you find the size, terminate the process.

To create a boot environment, all you need is a disk that can serve as a boot device.

Packages Required

If you are upgrading from Solaris 2.6, you require the following packages:

  • SUNWadmap

  • SUNWadmfw

  • SUNWadmc

  • SUNWmfrun

  • SUNWloc

Use the following packages if you are upgrading from Solaris 7:

  • SUNWadmap

  • SUNWadmc

  • SUNWlibC

If upgrading from Solaris 8, use the following packages:

  • SUNWadmap

  • SUNWadmc

  • SUNWlibC

  • SUNWbzip


While you are creating an inactive boot environment, you will have to create a slice to which the root (/) system files are copied. This partition should be on the slice from where the system can boot.

Installing the Live Upgrade Software

You can install the Live Upgrade software from the Solaris 9 DVD or Solaris 9 Software 2 of 2 CD.

  1. When you insert the CD, the command prompt displays. At the command prompt, type the following command to run the installer:

  2. $./installer 
  3. A Select panel appears. Click Custom in this panel.

  4. The Product Selection panel displays. From the choices available in this panel, click the type of installation you want for Solaris Live Upgrade.

  5. Follow the directions on the Solaris WebStart installer panel to install the software.

To start the live upgrade, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the system as root.

  2. At the command prompt, issue the following command:

  3. $/usr/bin/lu
  4. The Solaris Live Upgrade main menu displays. Choose the option to upgrade.

  5. To abort the Live Upgrade program, press F6.


For steps to creating a boot environment and upgrading with Solaris Live Upgrade, refer to http://docs.sun.com.

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