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Site Templates

Using a Site Template is one convenient way to streamline the site creation process. When you create a site by copying a Site Template, you simply copy its root folder and all Site-related folders. Each of the Site Templates within GoLive has a home page and a few pages linked to it in a simple navigational hierarchy. The pages have navigation bars for easy movement, and these bars are components for easy updating. The templates use different cascading style sheets and differ in their page layouts. Their pages make use of various features, such as floating boxes, layout grids, tables, anchors, and images. This means you save time in the design process but still end up with a professional-looking Web site.

Once the template is copied, you can replace the images and text with images and text of your own. Images such as buttons that you may want to customize are Photoshop smart objects, which makes them easy to work with. In addition, each of the template pages is based on a stationery page. This means if you use these stationery pages for layout changes, you can use your changes on any new pages you create.

Keep this tip in mind: Customize a Site Template to serve as the starting point for a Template of your own. This is particularly convenient for Web sites being developed by teams. When you design a template for the Site, each team member can start with the same basic layout and navigation. This helps save time and maintain consistency throughout the project.

To create a new Site using a Site Template, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose Copy From Template from within the Site Wizard.

    To access the Site Wizard, select File, New Site from the menu above, or press (Opt-Cmd-N) [Alt+Ctrl+N] on your keyboard. Establish yourself as either a Single or Workgroup User and choose Copy From Template. Click Next or simply hit Enter/Return on your keyboard to proceed to the next step.

  2. Select a Site Template from the list, as shown in Figure 3.10.

    Examine the layout and structure thumbnails provided with each template to help you determine which one you would prefer to use.

Figure 3.10 If you elect to create a new Site using one of GoLive's templates, use this screen of the Site Wizard to choose the template and a name for your new Site.

  1. Name your Site. Type your Site name into the space provided.

    The Site will share the same name as the folder that contains it. For our example, we'll be creating a Site for Rooftop Records, a fictional record shop; therefore our Site will be called Rooftop. (For more information on file naming conventions and restrictions, see "File Naming," later in this chapter.)

→ File naming conventions and restrictions are covered in greater detail later in this chapter. See "File Naming," in Chapter 3.

  1. Choose a location to store your site. Click Browse, navigate within your system until you reach the appropriate folder, and select it.

    The Site Template that will be copied already has a project folder; you don't need to create it, but you still retain the option to create new folders.

  2. Click Finish. Your new site opens automatically in a Site Window.

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