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Controlling Leading

Leading (also referred to as line height) is the amount of space between lines of text. Add more leading to gain whitespace, and reduce leading to get a tighter look.

Depending on the design of your composition, you may well want to incorporate leading techniques to create additional visual intrigue in your design.

Task: Modifying Leading

To modify leading while setting type in LiveMotion, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new canvas that is 400x200 pixels.

  2. Click the Type tool and click on the canvas.

  3. Choose your font from the drop-down menu in the Properties palette.

  4. Select a font style from the drop-down Style menu.

  5. Set the point size in the Size text box.

  6. Choose your tracking value, if any.

  7. In the Leading text box, enter a value. If you choose a low value, you decrease the amount of space between lines of type. Conversely, any increase in the number value increases the amount of space.

  8. Type several lines of text in the text area.

Your type is set with the features you've just selected.


Leading is measured as a percentage of the selected point size.

Figure 3.14, found earlier in the chapter, shows three examples of leading.

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