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Setting a Font

As you are aware by now, the font you choose will have a profound influence on the look and success of your final design. Each computer comes with fonts installed, and many software programs (such as Adobe Illustrator) also contain fonts that are added to your computer's font collection. You can also find many free fonts or purchase professional fonts both online and via commercial CD-ROMs.


For various places to find type resources, see the list of stock art Web sites provided in Hour 2, "Importing Photos and Artwork as Objects." Many of these sites offer fonts and links to font resources on the Web.

Task: Selecting a Font

To select a font and set it in LiveMotion, perform the following steps:

  1. With a fresh canvas ready, click the Type tool and click on the canvas.

  2. If the Properties palette isn't available, select Window, Properties. You'll see the Font drop-down menu in the Properties palette. Choose a font from this menu. I've chosen Times New Roman, a common serif font.

  3. On your canvas, type your text.

Task: Setting the Font's Style and Direction

The font you've chosen appears on your canvas. You can also set the font's style and direction, if available to the font. Different fonts have different available styles, and sometimes only select styles are installed. To set style and direction, perform these steps:

  1. Create a new canvas, click the Type tool, and click on the canvas. Make sure that the Properties palette is available.

  2. Determine your font by selecting it from the Font drop-down menu in the Properties palette. In this case, I've continued to use Times New Roman.

  3. Next to the Font drop-down menu, you'll see the Style drop-down menu. Depending on the font you choose, you may have many available styles, or only one. Choose the style you want. I've chosen Italic.

Your type and type style are now set. Figure 3.18 shows my font and type style on the canvas.

Figure 3.18 I've set my font to Times New Roman and italicized it using the Type tool and Properties palette.


If you want to change the style of type you've already set, select the type, then select Window, Properties and use the Properties palette to make type style changes or other modifications.

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