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  1. I have created a section of body text and centered it. I think it looks great! Why do you say I shouldn't use centering for body text?

  2. The instinct to center body text is a good one. It comes about because you are looking for ways to break up the negative, or "white," space available. This makes your design more visually interesting. However, body text that is centered can be hard to read because there's no continual flow to the text. Instead of centering the text, think about margins, layout, floating the text around an image, and other design options that give your design a more interesting look. Reserve centering for use in headers or short bursts of text.

  3. I've created a design with only one font. I want to keep it clean and simple, but I still want to make the design somehow more interesting. What can I do to subtly spruce up my composition?

  4. Try playing with weight. Say, for example, that you have a headline that reads "Shop Online!". Try placing the "On" in boldface and keeping the rest of the text normal weight. The contrast in weight gives you just the right amount of subtle punch without deviating from the simple look you're after.

  5. I'm having trouble selecting text after I've typed it in. What can I do?

  6. Click on the selection tool. Your text object is then selected, and you can make any adjustments or changes you'd like using the Properties palette.

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