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Photoshop in Focus

Replacing the Photoshop Prefs file is often the fastest and easiest way to cure problems with the program—it's certainly easier than suffering through a full reinstall of the program. There are some things that can make this process easier. For example, rather than restore to the factory defaults, you can replace a corrupt preferences file with a copy that is preset to restore your preferred settings. Create a custom set of preferences, and copy that file as a backup. Use it to replace a corrupt file. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Shut down Photoshop if it's running, and then delete the existing Prefs file.

  2. Start Photoshop, and set up everything just the way you like it. Arrange palettes, select tool presets, and establish your preferred settings in the Preferences panes.

  3. Immediately quit Photoshop.

  4. Locate the new Prefs file.

  5. Duplicate the file, and put it someplace other than the Photoshop Settings folder.

  6. When you need to replace a corrupt Prefs file, simply delete the bad file and copy the duplicate into the Settings folder (make sure that the name is exactly the same).

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