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Offline Advertising in Brief

Many companies still prefer offline advertising. It would be impossible to discuss all the ways to advertise offline in this article, but I will try to give you some pros and cons of this method of advertising your products.

First, you have to look again at your target audience. Although the Internet is becoming a much more popular medium with people of all ages, most of the people online are still under the age of 35. If your company is purely Web-based, this should not pose a big problem. In both on- and offline advertising, you must think about where to advertise and try to find a place that has the same target audience as your company. In general, Web site visitors seem to be more diversified than, for example, magazine readers, although a Web site about mechanics will still attract more male "readers," of course. The point I'm trying to make is that if you have a diverse target audience (in terms of both age and sex), it is a much better idea to advertise online than if you have a well focused target audience.

Offline advertising generally is more expensive than online advertising, but the big advantage is that you will capture the attention of the viewer much better than with a banner, for example. The downside is that people will not be able to "click their way" right into your Web site.

If you're advertising offline, you may want to choose advertising in magazines or newspapers rather than making TV or radio commercials. My personal experience is that I often forget Web site addresses before I get to my computer sometime later in the day when I hear or see a commercial. If I have the address in print, I can simply find the address again and visit the site.

Although the effectiveness of offline advertising depends greatly on your market and products, you are probably much better off advertising online if you have a Web-based company—in terms of both prices and people who actually visit your site after seeing your ad. At only a few cents per click-through in most cases, you spend a lot less than with offline advertising to get the same number of potential customers to your Web site.

In general, always think of your target audience and follow the guidelines above to make sure you get the most out of your online advertising.

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