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Shutting the Door, Even if You Don't Have One

Even if your home office doesn't have a door, time management has to include shutting the proverbial door. By this we mean that the temptation to lose a sense of boundaries in a home office is very real. This is two-fold.

In family situations, on the one hand, having access to you at all hours can mean your family intrudes on you so much that you find yourself stretched to your limit.On the other hand, with an office always there, especially if the business is your own and you feel the pressure of financially needing to make a success of your home-based venture, the temptation can be to work 24/7. Time management means, impossible as it may sometimes seem, finding time for yourself and remembering that shutting the door, or shutting your eyes and ignoring the pile of work on your desk, is both healthy and necessary.

You need to remind yourself that you are one person. You need to have a life. You deserve one. Shut the door. Turn off the computer. Go for a walk in the fresh air. Tell your clients your office hours and stick to them.

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