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If your brain were an array, you could test its length by answering each of the following questions about arrays.


  1. What types of information are arrays best suited for?

    1. lists

    2. pairs of related information

    3. trivia

  2. What variable can be used to check the upper boundary of an array?

    1. top

    2. length

    3. limit

  3. Who is the famous Aztec priest-ruler?

    1. Quisp

    2. Quetzalcoatl

    3. Quichelorraine


  1. a. Lists that contain nothing but the same type of information—strings, numbers, and so on—are well-suited for storage in arrays.

  2. b. The length variable contains a count of the number of elements in an array.

  3. b. It's also the name of a god of learning and civilization who is depicted as an approaching storm whose winds kick up dust before the rain comes.

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