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Paragraph Alignment

Paragraph alignment is used to position text relative to its confining margins, whether those margins are the page margins, a table cell, or a layer. To change the alignment of text, follow these steps:

  1. Select the text you want to align, or insert the cursor at the beginning of the text.

  2. Click Left Justify, Center, or Right Justify on the Property inspector.


Alignment is considered presentational and therefore can be used only in HTML and XHTML transitional documents.

You can also align text by selecting Alignment from the Text menu.

Increasing/Decreasing Indentation

Text can be indented or outdented in several ways. Select the desired text and use one of the following methods to indent or outdent the text:

  • Use the Property inspector and click the Indent or Outdent button.

  • From the menu bar, select Text, Indent or Text, Outdent.

  • If the text you highlight is a list, you can right-click it and select List, Indent or List, Outdent from the context menu.

Indents and outdents can be applied multiple times until the text is positioned where you desire. Although this is easy to do, it's not the preferred method for positioning text. A better solution is to use a table or CSS.

→ For more about using tables for positioning and layout, see "Adding a Table," p. 124.

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