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Access Enterprise Development: Introduction to Client/Server Development Techniques

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Client/server technology allows distributed processing of information, which lets you more easily deal with large volumes of data and many concurrent users. Learn how to upsize your Access database and understand the roles that Access can play in the application design model.
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Why This Chapter Is Important

The previous chapter covered the basics of using Access in a multiuser environment. This chapter takes things a step further by discussing client/server applications. One of the hot computing terms introduced in the 1990s, client/server refers to distributed processing of information. A client/server model involves the storage of data on database servers dedicated to the tasks of processing data and storing it.

The chapter begins by explaining the client/server model. It talks about the roles that Access can play in the design model and about when it is appropriate to utilize the client/server model. You learn the important client/server buzz words and then see how you can upsize your existing Access databases. Finally, the chapter talks about the various ways that you can connect to client/server data.

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