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Accepting User Uploads in ASP.NET

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Once upon a time, your web site needed third-party components to allow users to upload files. Now you can do it all in ASP.NET, without any third-party add-ons. Here's how.
Rick Leinecker is currently writing ASP.NET Solutions – 24 Case Studies (Addison-Wesley, scheduled for publication May 2003, ISBN 0-321-15965-9).
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Here's the Scenario

You have the greatest web site in the world. One of its features is a weekly photo contest. Contestants upload photo files, other users vote for their favorites, and at the end of the week the winners are automatically displayed on the web site's main page for a day. This feature is driving thousands of visitors to your web site every day. And, of course, the thousands of visitors drive your business model, as you have products they can buy, and you're selling ad impressions.

There has been a snag, though, until ASP.NET. A third-party component was required to allow users to upload files. While these components provided a solution to the problem, there's nothing quite as good as having the capability built into ASP.NET natively, which eliminates the need for third-party components. This article shows you how to build in that capability.

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