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  1. A user says that her workstation hasn't changed, but I've traced the problem down to her workstation. What could it be?

  2. Remember that what a user says is always subjective. You need to take a look for yourself to see what the facts are. Also, talk to other people in her office. Look at her workstation yourself. Odds are that something has changed. This is change analysis, to be sure; however, SOAP reminds you that any user reports are subjective—you need to corroborate the facts yourself.

  3. I've reported bugs to manufacturers before, with no success. Granted, there are manufacturers who listen, but how do you tell which ones will?

  4. Assuming that you reported the problem in great detail, my sense is that the smaller software vendors are really the ones who tend to respond to their individual users' problems. The larger software vendors, without naming names, tend to send you a form email that says something like "This will be fixed in the next release" or "Software is operating as designed." Believe it or not, even shareware vendors tend to be really, really responsive to you—particularly after you've registered a large number of licenses with them. They appreciate the business, and it shows.

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