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Related Directives

This section contains directives mentioned in this hour or that are related to topics discussed in this hour. You can consult the Apache reference documentation for comprehensive syntax information and usage.

Common Authentication

  • AuthName: Name for authentication realm

  • AuthType: Basic or digest authentication

  • Require: Users or groups that are allowed access

  • <Limit>, <LimitExcept>: Limit access control and authentication based on the request method

  • Satisfy: Require both authentication and access control

File-Based Authentication

  • AuthAuthoritative: Whether authentication results are authoritative

  • AuthUserFile: File containing users

  • AuthGroupFile: File containing groups

Database File-Based Authentication

  • AuthDBMAuthoritative: Whether authentication results are authoritative

  • AuthDBMUserFile: File containing users

  • AuthDBMGroupFile: File containing groups

Digest Authentication

  • AuthDigestAuthoritative: Whether authentication results are authoritative

  • AuthDigestFile: File containing users

  • AuthDigestGroupFile: File containing groups

  • AuthDigestDomain: List of URLs that share the same realm and username password protection

Access Control

  • Allow, Deny: Allow or deny access based on IP, hostname, and environment variable

  • Order: Access rules

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