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Integrating Microsoft SQL Server 2000 OLAP and Microsoft Office: Creating a Local Cube with Office 2000

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Make your OLAP Data portable with Office 2000 for remote analysis! Join Bill Pearson in creating a local cube, using two different hands-on approaches: First, we'll create a local cube from an existing Excel PivotTable report; then we'll explore a more design-oriented OLAP Cube Wizard for more sophistication and flexibility.
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About the Series

This is the fourth and final tutorial article of a series, "Integrating MSSQL Server 2000 OLAP and Microsoft Office," that introduces numerous features in the MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services/Office 2000 (and beyond) partnership. As discussed in the first article, "Creating an Excel PivotTable Report with an OLAP Cube," we'll explore features that serve to integrate the applications, providing enhanced business intelligence capabilities.

For more information on the series as well as the hardware/software requirements to prepare for the tutorials we'll undertake, see the first article in the series, "Creating an Excel PivotTable Report with an OLAP Cube,"

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