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Ed Tittel Returns to ExamCram2

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Hi! I'm Ed Tittel, creator of the original Exam Cram series, author of over 70 certification related books, and a writer and columnist on certification topics for InformIT, Certification Magazine, Cramsession.com, and various TechTarget Web sites. I'm very pleased to be involved in the relaunch of the Exam Cram2 series for Que Certification as its Series Editor, and to be helping InformIT expand and improve its certification-related information, articles, and offerings.

The re-creation of the Exam Cram 2 series offers a great opportunity to benefit from lessons learned during the original series' run. These lessons include:

  • Exam Cram2 will continue to provide the same focused, cogent, relevant, and timely coverage of key exam topics, concepts and skill study strategies. This includes intense topical coverage, the tear out Cram Sheet, text-based practice tests and answer keys, exam study and strategy tips, detailed Q&A discussions, and more.

  • To ensure the most accurate, relevant, and timely content in Exam Cram 2 titles, Que Certification has beefed up technical reviews and quality control. This process includes multiple technical edits from industry experts, submission to a peer review process prior to release, and subjecting titles in the series to the cert experts at CramSession for approval.

  • More Practice Exams: To provide more opportunities to practice and apply topics, concepts, and skills, Exam Cram2 titles will include a CD with relevant PrepLogic™ Practice Tests. Developed by certified IT professionals, these practice exams support easy subject matter review (practice mode) and mimic the real thing (certification mode), along with flexible customization and detailed score reporting capabilities.

  • More Timely Content: The http://www.examcram.com Web site and newsletter will be reactivated, with extensive tie-ins to http://www.informit.com and http://www.cramsession.com to deliver industry news, study tips, question of the day services, and pointers to all kinds of relevant content, advice, discussions, and information. The goal is to stay on top of exam information, news, changes, and anything else candidates might need to get the most up-to-date and accurate prep information available anywhere.

I'm convinced that Exam Cram2 will improve on the original version, and I'm personally going to do whatever I can to make that happen. I think you'll also find that my involvement with InformIT's certification pages will also be lively and informative. I hope you'll consider adding an Exam Cram2 title to your preparation materials, and using InformIT to help you get ready for your exam, the next time you tackle a certification topic.

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