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VLAN Access Control Lists

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The latest generation of Cisco switching engines open up security and QoS, presenting new concepts for the campus network. Learn the steps to be taken to change with the times.
Article provided courtesy of Cisco World Magazine. It originally appeared in the March 2002 issue.
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Changing Campus Concepts

High-speed switches, such as the Catalyst 6000 series, have become mainstream in the modern campus network. As these switches increase in their capability to move data at increasing speeds, their functionality also increases. Many of the functions that belonged to routes only a few short years ago are now becoming the responsibility of the switches. As these functions are built into the architecture of the switch, it changes some of the concepts that we've been taught about how to implement and design campus networks. One of the functions that is becoming the responsibility of the switch is policy enforcement by packet filtering or access control. This article discusses the use of VLAN access control lists in the Catalyst 6000 series switches and how to configure and manage these lists.

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