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Vacationing in Java

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If your mind hasn't taken a vacation by this point in the hour, test your knowledge of this chapter with the following questions.


  1. How did object-oriented programming get its name?

    1. Programs are considered to be a group of objects working together.

    2. People often object because it's hard to master.

    3. Its parents named it.

  2. Which of the following isn't a part of Java's security?

    1. Web programs cannot run programs on the user's computer.

    2. The identity of a program's author is always verified.

    3. Java windows are labeled as Java windows.

  3. What is a program's capability to handle more than one task called?

    1. schizophrenia

    2. multiculturalism

    3. multithreading


  1. a. It's also abbreviated as OOP.

  2. b. ActiveX programs verify the author of the program, but this security method is not implemented as a standard security measure of Java. Programmers can use digital signatures and an identity verifying company like VeriSign in Java, but it isn't required.

  3. c. This also is called multitasking, but the term multithreading is used in conjunction with Java because an independently running part of a program is called a thread.

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