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Getting Started

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Online JSP Resources

Our first day of JSP work will end by taking a look at some of the resources available to you online. These resources are available for free, and they're there to augment your JSP arsenal. Let's start with JSP itself:

Here's a starter list of online JSP tutorials:

And here are some JSP tools available online (note that they're not necessarily free, however) :

Even though you can also find Java 1.4 documentation online or download it, here are a few good URLs to know:

There's also some Tomcat documentation available:

As you can see, there are a great number of online resources available on JSP—take a look!


No JSP groups have appeared on Usenet (yet). Even so, the comp.lang.java groups (like comp.lang.java.help, comp.lang.java.databases, and so on) can offer a lot of Java help.

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