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How Partnering with IT Can Make Your Business More Successful

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Consequence-minded business cultures focus on getting to the right solution. Everyone owns the problem and everyone owns the solution. Learn how partnering with IT can help to make your business more successful.
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An effective way to view a business is through a global organization matrix, as illustrated in Figure 1. The matrix highlights the three dominant views of the global organization:

  • Local view: The perspective of a business unit within a geographic region.

  • Regional view: The perspective of a geographic region across multiple business units.

  • Global business unit view: The perspective of a business unit across multiple geographic regions.

These three views respond to interdependent market demands and compete for enterprise resources. When viewed through the matrix, IT resources can be allocated visibly and objectively if the competing business needs are presented through business cases developed jointly by IT and its business partners. Such jointly developed business cases will institutionalize IT's alignment to the business and tie IT activities to the creation of value for the enterprise.

Figure 1Figure 1 Global organization matrix.

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