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You have been introduced to the standard language of SQL and have been given a brief history and thumbnail of how the standard has evolved over the last several years. Database systems and current technologies were also discussed, including the relational database, client/server systems and Web-based database systems, all of which are vital to your understanding of SQL. The main SQL language components and the fact that there are numerous players in the relational database market, and likewise, many different flavors of SQL, were discussed. Despite ANSI SQL variations, most vendors do comply to some extent with the current standard (SQL-99), rendering consistency across the board and forcing the development of SQL applications that are portable.

The database that will be used during your course of study was also introduced. The database, as you have seen it so far, has consisted of a few tables, which are related to one another, and the data that each table contains at this point (at the end of Hour 1). You should have acquired some overall background knowledge of the fundamentals of SQL and should understand the concept of a modern database. After a few refreshers in the Workshop for this hour, you should feel very confident about continuing to the next hour.

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