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This chapter is from the book


The Workshop contains quiz questions and activities to help reinforce what you've learned in this hour. If you get stuck, the answers to the quiz can be found below the questions.


  1. What are the three different types of CSS styles?

  2. What should you create to use the same styles for all the Web pages in a Web site?

  3. What is another name for custom CSS styles?


  1. The three types of CSS styles are custom, redefined HTML tags, and CSS selectors.

  2. Create an external style sheet and link it to each page in your Web site.

  3. Custom CSS styles are also called class styles because the class attribute is added to tags.


  1. Create a page as well as a custom style that modifies text. Explore applying this style to text in the page, table cells, layers, and other objects in the page.

  2. Create different definitions for the four hover styles: a:active, a:hover, a:link, and a:visited. Write down the four colors and figure out when they appear. Remember that the a:hover effect does not appear in Netscape 4 and below.

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