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Information Security Basics

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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


This chapter covers the following TruSecure-specified objectives for the TICSA exam:

Identify, specify, or describe good access control and authentication processes and techniques.

  • Access control and authentication combine with accounting to form the triple-A ("AAA") basis for computer security. A solid understanding of these principles is essential knowledge for any security practitioner.

    Identify or explain examples of risk management fundamentals and the basic tenets of security.

  • Risk management allows security professionals to determine what threats are likely to impact a system/network and allocate security resources accordingly.

    Describe, recognize, or select good administrative maintenance and change-control issues and tools.

  • No security policy is immutable—change is inevitable. Good policies provide a structured maintenance and change control process to ensure future modifications occur in an orderly manner.

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