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  1. I am bored with the textures that the Texturizer adds. Can I make my own?

  1. Of course. One way is to scan items with interesting textures or make digital photos of them. Save as a grayscale file in native Photoshop format, and apply them from the Texturizer filter dialog box by selecting Load Texture from the Texture pop-up menu and opening the texture file you want to use.

  1. What kinds of things make good textures?

  1. Look around you. Napkins (either cloth or paper), fabrics of any kind, barn boards, sandpaper, uncooked pasta, practically anything semi-flat that you can photograph or scan.

  1. Does the Glass filter include more than one kind of glass?

  1. This is Photoshop; your choices are virtually unlimited. In addition to the textures provided, you can choose Load Texture from the pop-up menu and open any Photoshop document to apply as a texture.

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