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Out-Of-Box Rule Set

The out-of-box rule set is responsible for rewriting the HTML 4.0 tag set and integrating content containing some of the most commonly used URL naming conventions and referencing techniques. All tag HREF and SRC attributes are rewritten out-of-box. One HTML attribute that is not currently handled out-of-box, or otherwise, is the STYLE attribute. The STYLE attribute is used as a way to insert CSS within an HTML tag, similar to how JavaScript event handlers are used to insert JavaScript function calls within an HTML tag. CSS contains a URL function to specify the background URL that looks like:


Fortunately, this should only affect the BODY tag when it contains inserted CSS using the STYLE attribute. The following is an example:

<BODY STYLE="background-image:

Because the STYLE attribute is not currently handled by the rewriter, this content would have to be changed to move the BODY definition to inlined CSS between the STYLE tags instead. The following is an example:

BODY { background-image:

The CSS can also be extracted and imported by the page, instead of defining the background image URL using the STYLE attribute. The Lotus iNotes application, for example, uses this feature to create skins for the user interface look and feel.

The following is the HTML source fragment:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"

The following is the CSS source fragment:

.s-logo-bg {

Besides handling the HREF and SRC attribute values out-of-box, the rewriter also has entries to rewrite the APPLET and OBJECT tag CODEBASE attribute and the FORM ACTION, BODY BACKGROUND, and APPLET ARCHIVE attribute values. With SP3 Hot Patch 3 applied, the necessary rules to integrate with the Microsoft Exchange Web interface will also be present, and several new profile attributes and/or sections are added to handle XML data. There are also rules in place to make sure that the Sun ONE Portal Server: Secure Remote Access applications are launched correctly.

Finally, there are rules to handle the Portal Server desktop JavaScript functions for the default out-of-box providers. Some of the profile attributes and/or sections are empty and should only be populated if needed. Refer to the individual attribute and/or section for the rule entry syntax.

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