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Third Party Application Cookbooks

Sun ONE professional services can be used for integrating Interwoven, Lotus Domino, Screaming Media, SAP, iDSAME, Tarantella, Sun ONE Integration Server, Netbios, Citrix NFUSE, and Open Market. Other integrations mentioned below are strictly rewriter-specific in nature.

To Set Up the Sun ONE Messaging Server 5.0

  1. In the main.js file, change the following line:

    // \5c -> 
    //   \5c -> backslash
  2. Also in main.js, change all of the instances of msgHREF to srcHREF.

  3. Turn IP validation off by logging in as the Messaging User and performing the following commands:

    $ cd <inst_dir>/server5/msg-<hostname>/
    $ ./configutil -o service.http.ipsecurity -v no
    $ su root
    # ./stop-msg
    # ./start-msg

To Set Up the Sun ONE Calendar Server 5.0

  1. Add the following to the Rewrite JavaScript Function Parameters list.

  2. Add the window.top.location.href rule to the Rewrite JavaScript Variables in URLs list.

  3. Add the urlstring rule to the Rewrite JavaScript Variables Function list.

  4. Log in as superuser.

  5. Change directories to the inst_dir/SUNWics5/bin/config directory.

  6. Edit the ics.conf file, and change the following line:

  7. Stop, and start the calendar server with the following commands:

    # inst_dir/SUNWics5/bin/stop-cal
    # inst_dir/SUNWics5/bin/start-cal
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