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More Than Just a Specification

UDDI differs from other standards initiatives by virtue of the substantial commitment from industry partners to use this technology and implement it in their core businesses today—ensuring the standard will truly solve the problems facing small and large businesses, marketplaces, and technology providers.

As a demonstration of this commitment, the UDDI founding companies are launching a jointly operated UDDI Business Registry on the web. The UDDI Business Registry is an implementation of the UDDI specification and will enable all businesses to leverage this effort in their eCommerce activities.

The UDDI initiative leverages industry standards such as HTTP, XML, SOAP, and other specifications, thus demonstrating the openness of the approach and platform-independent commitment. This foundation gives all businesses that register in the UDDI Business Registry a kind of ID card, a globally unique identifier for them as a business.

Registering with UDDI will enable a company to publicly list a definition of itself, its services, and methods for engagement. Registered companies will then be accessible in searches by potential buyers and marketplaces. As registrants, integration will be significantly easier and more dynamic for partner companies. Organizations participating in UDDI represent many industries and core competencies.

UDDI reaches far beyond today's Internet business listings and search directories that provide specific, but limited value to an organization. Major benefits have been historically derived by the use of widely adopted standards in all industries and/or initiatives. UDDI-enabled businesses will realize unprecedented value from the rapid acceleration of eCommerce as a result of this global initiative.

Using UDDI, the supplier of ball bearings will be able to continue to serve its existing online customers, to quickly and easily discover new trading partners, and to conduct B2B eCommerce with them all.

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