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ASP Application Aggregators and Enablers (AAAs)

ASP Application Aggregators bundle diverse applications from multiple ASPs, software vendors, and related providers behind a common interface through which customers can access the applications. The AAA partners with relevant providers, and resells their hosted services to the customer—while the customer gets one bill for all services. ASP Application Enablers may also bundle applications, but usually their emphasis is on technical consulting and developing applications for resale, not necessarily reselling them.

The AAA approach simplifies management for the customer, but it also promotes best-of-breed hosted solutions. Typically, the AAA integrates each customer's unique set of hosted applications into a common platform and guarantees that they will interoperate. The AAA hosts the applications from its data centers or those of an infrastructure service provider that is a business partner in the AAA operation. The AAA also takes responsibility for maintaining, troubleshooting, and upgrading each application set and for supporting each customer's SLA. As internal IT staff need to interact with the applications, they can do so via the AAA's common interface, not the disparate interfaces of the individual hosted applications in their set.

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