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Array Variable An array variable is a variable that groups multiple scalar variables together using a single name. Each of the individual scalar variables is accessed via an index.

Environment The environment is a set of variables that the shell passes to every program it starts.

Environment Variable An environment variable is a variable that is a member of the environment.

Exporting The process of placing a variable in the environment is called exporting.

Local Variable A local variable is a variable that is present within the current instance of the shell. It is not available to programs that are started by the shell.

Read-Only Variable A read-only variable is a variable whose value cannot be changed.

Scalar Variable A scalar variable can hold only one value at a time.

Shell Variable A shell variable is a variable that is set by the shell and is required by the shell to function correctly.

Unsetting Unsetting a variable removes it from the list of variables tracked by the shell.

Variable A variable is a word that holds a value. The value can be any text string.

Variable Substitution Variable substitution is the process by which the shell replaces the name of a variable with its value.

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