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Business Continuity

This process aims to provide continuous availability or contingent business processes as required in emergencies and extraordinary events. It develops business-continuity strategies and tactics (disaster recovery), identifies document recovery requirements for critical business applications, and also manages backup and archival processes for critical data.



Prepare and maintain a business continuity plan (BCP)

Communicate with suppliers and customers regarding disaster-recovery requirements

Arrange and coordinate with hot-site, e-vault providers

Integrate BCP with production acceptance processes

Define standards around business continuity for customers

Expertise in scenario planning

Knowledge of technologies critical to information recovery


Automation Technology

Disaster-recovery specialist

Project manager

Business/IT liaison

Disaster-recovery management software (Sunrise, Arise)

Disaster-recovery planning software (PC-based)

Best Practices


Common continuity plans for the enterprise

Update plan twice a year

Test plan three times per year, with one actual, one simulated, and one unplanned test

BCP has equal emphasis on business recovery and technology recovery

Optimize use of third-party disaster-recovery facilities

Integrate disaster recovery requirements with production acceptance process

Ability to perform integrated testing/recovery across IT platforms

A mean time to recovery (in relation to pattern)

Cost per business segment, per volume of technology protected

Stratified cost structure by pattern for systems and application with availability requirements as follows: instantaneous, within 24 hours, 24–72 hours, 5–7 days

Cost /MB of archived data

Process Integration


Disk storage management

Tape management

Disaster recovery built into tape/storage subsystems, packaged applications

Better cross-platform software for disaster recovery

Improved simulation (scripting) software to minimize the need for business area involvement in disaster-recovery testing

Continuous operations for Web-based applications

Interface with ASPs and ISPs to provide recoveries

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