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Problem Management

The aim of this process is to minimize the resolution time for problems by logging, tracking, and expediting problems as they occur, keeping stakeholders current as to resolution status, exploring all factors that can lower mean time to resolution (MTTR) and maintain a high level of overall customer satisfaction.



Escalate problems according to documented procedures

Assess and resolve problems incurred among desktop, middle-tier, and mainframe systems (and associated networks)

Define processes and procedures for automated problem management

Optimize problem-management techniques

Ensure proper tracking and documentation for all problems

Assure that help-desk policy is followed

Detail-oriented with key relationship-management skills

Understand escalation and points of responsibility

Expertise with the enterprise problem-management tools


Automation Technology

Help-desk specialist

Service manager


Best Practices


Provide problem management with a full-service help desk that has a single point of control in the enterprise. Move on from the legacy dispatch center and its associated problem desk. (For more information, consult the discussion of the customer advocacy COE.)

Create and communicate a well-articulated vision and mission statement for the help desk

Create a supported products list and communicate that list to clients

Define points of escalation and delineate clear roles and responsibilities for next-level support groups

Integrate the help desk into the IT value chain and promote proactivity. Act as the voice of the user in IT

Maintain communication with all stakeholder groups: customers, IT managers, and help-desk employees

Create an action plan

Customer satisfaction surveys

Average help-desk queue time

Average number call abandonment

Average first-call resolution rates

Mean time to resolution (MTTR)

Mean time to response

Support staff per 1000 supported users

Process Integration


No Items

Improved systems that are self-healing

Increased use of the Web to support user help

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