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Output Management

This process aims at timely delivery of computer-generated output to appropriate distribution devices or users.



Operation of various output technologies

Output management software tools

Interface to mail room and interoffice delivery

Burst, sort, and de-leave operations

Restart/rerun of output as required

Use of print utilities to reproduce output as needed

Routing of output to various locations

Evaluate appropriateness of output medium

Identify ways to eliminate hardcopy print

Lower cost by using alternative media

Understanding of user needs

Understanding of system configuration


Automation Technology

Print operator

Output manager

Output management software

Print protocols

Best Practices


Using a single output management process for the enterprise

Integration of print, output, and document management functions

Decentralized output processing to departments where possible

Benchmark annually to evaluate competitiveness of output operations with competitors, industry standards

Systematic reduction of hardcopy output

Cost/printed page normalized for media fluctuations

Percent of decrease in internal use hardcopy output

Number of lost or missing outputs

Number of reruns to reproduce lost/damaged output

Stratified cost structure for hard copy, electronic, departmentally printed, fiche, and optical output options

Process Integration


Integration of print, output, and document management

Integration of output with tape/storage subsystems

Customer-defined parameters for delivery, copies, frequency

Common output management software for the enterprise

Built-in archival based on business continuity/criticality

Increased use of color technology

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