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Job Scheduling

This process aims to implement and maintain job schedules for all production and special production workloads. It includes interacting with customers to determine requirements, evaluating run-time requirements in relation to existing workloads, and ensuring timely completion—both in relation to the application itself and its neighbors in the execution queue.



Develop schedules for all corporate workloads

Perform "what-if" scheduling simulations as required

Evaluate and maximize workload balancing options

Define processes for changes and new submissions

Understanding of application system flow, including all aspects of input, output, and cross-application dependencies

Familiarity with the performance characteristics of all storage media (tape, disk, and so forth) and how they apply to processing of various workload types

Expertise in using various scheduling tools, including schedulers, simulation tools, and accounting systems for run-time analysis


Automation Technology

Scheduling coordinator

Workload analyst

Host-based schedulers

Distributed schedulers

Platform-specific schedulers

Best Practices


Use of a single scheduling tool across the enterprise

Use of a dynamically adjusting schedule based on self-analysis

Integration of job scheduling with workload management and other policy-based management tools

Periodic review of actual versus scheduled run-times

Use of enhanced policy-based schedulers that enable customers (or application areas) to define parameters for scheduling

Percent of jobs meeting schedule

Number of errors in defining schedule parameters

Number of emergency scheduling needs/requests

Average time to respond to new requests

Staffing metrics

Number of jobs/processes per analyst

Process Integration


Workload monitoring

Integration of service-level agreements and objectives with job schedulers

Policy-based scheduling systems for all IT resources

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