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Trusted Computing Platforms, the Next Security Solution

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Would you allow a complete stranger in your house if he couldn't provide an ID? Now would you let him use your computer? Learn how to trust others on the Internet and a network with this exciting technology.
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An important new technology has recently been developed that will revolutionize trust and security for online transactions. Based on the concept of incorporating a hardware "root of trust" within PCs and other platforms, it allows users to assess the trustworthiness of computers with which they interact. This article, abstracted by Dr. Siani Pearson from a new book on the subject, explains the key concepts and the exciting potential of Trusted Computing Platforms (often abbreviated to Trusted Platforms).

This article covers the following topics:

  • Why are Trusted Platforms being developed?

  • What are the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) and the TCPA Specification?

  • What is a Trusted Platform?

  • Basic concepts in the TCPA model

  • The main functionalities of a Trusted Platform

  • Benefits of using Trusted Platform technology

  • Summary of TCPA technology

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