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  1. I placed a long-running sound in the first frame of my movie. However, when I test the movie, it only plays for the first few seconds and then stops. Why?

  2. Probably you've set the sync for the keyframe(on the Properties panel) to Stream and haven't extended the Timeline long enough. If your sound is 10 seconds long and you're playing at 12fps with Stream selected, you're going to want to make sure 120 frames are available in the layer of the Timeline in which you placed the sound. An Event sound doesn't have this restriction (although it also won't have the same synchronization behavior).

  3. I put a sound in the first frame of my movie, but when I click Play, I don't hear anything. I verified that my speakers were plugged in and that my computer sound level was cranked. What else could it be?

  4. I wish I could say that you must use Test Movie because otherwise the sound won't work. Of course, Test Movie is a better option for visualizing exactly what your users will see. However, even Play should let you preview the sound. You might check two things: First, Control, Mute Sounds should be unchecked, and the envelope settings for the sound instance should not be two horizontal lines at the lowest sound level. Second, you might check the original sound that you imported to make sure it's not just silence.

  5. Q I imported an MP3 sound and want to make sure I don't recompress it because I know that tends to make for bad quality. How do I do that?

  6. Very simple. It's similar to how a JPG image (already compressed by definition) can be set to "not compress." When you access the Sound Properties dialog box (by double-clicking the sound item in the Library), you will see the "Use imported MP3 quality" check box. This selection is made by default and it's only available for MP3s. Translated, this option means "don't recompress."

  7. I imported an MP3 file that was only 61KB, but when I export the movie, it becomes 900KB. I'm sure my graphics aren't that big because when I remove the sound, the file goes down to 5KB. What could possibly be wrong?

  8. Most likely you're resampling the sound (as Raw) and Flash is converting the sound into the size it would have been as an uncompressed sound. Check the Publish settings for Flash and confirm that you don't have Override Sound Settings selected. Then inspect the Sound Properties dialog box for the Library item of your imported sound and confirm that the MP3 settings match the original attributes of your file (shown near where the date and file location are displayed).

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