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Accessing Your Data

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Here's a brief quiz to help you review this hour's terminology, as well as activities for you to try on your own.


  1. What are the two types of Crystal Reports database drivers?

  2. What is the Data Explorer used for?

  3. Why would you want to use a SQL Command versus a table in a report?

Quiz Answers

  1. The two types of Crystal Reports database drivers are direct access and indirect access drivers.

  2. The Data Explorer is used to specify a database driver, a connection to a database, as well as for adding various database objects to a report including tables, views, stored procedures, and SQL Commands.

  3. You would use a SQL Command instead of a table if you have a good understanding of SQL and wanted to use a complex query or a query that Crystal Reports does not inherently support.


To ensure that you are comfortable with the topics discussed in this hour, try to perform the following tasks:

  • Create a blank report from the Xtreme Sample Database using the ODBC database driver. Add the Customer, Orders, and Order Details tables to the report and ensure that links are defined between those tables.

  • Create a blank report from the Xtreme Sample Database using the direct access driver. Add a SQL Command to the report using the following SQL: "SELECT * FROM Customer". Add this SQL Command to the repository.

  • Create a blank report from the SQL Command stored in the repository from the previous task. After the report is created, change the SQL Command to use the following SQL: "SELECT * FROM Customer WHERE Country ='Canada'" and update the SQL Command in the repository.

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