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Accessing Your Data

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Using the Database Expert

After the report is created, to return to the Data Explorer, select Database Expert from the Database menu. Here tables can be added, removed, and renamed just as they could from the Data Explorer in the Report Wizard.

To modify a SQL Command, double-click on the command object in the Selected Tables list. If the SQL Command is stored in the repository, it must be disconnected before it can be edited. To do this, right-click on the command object and select Disconnect from Repository. After a SQL Command is disconnected, the icon next to the connection will not show the network connection picture.

A SQL Command disconnected from the repository can be edited by double-clicking the same as with regular SQL Commands. To save the changes back to the repository, check the Add to Repository check box when editing the command. When prompted for a location to save the command in the repository, select the same folder and name as the existing SQL Command to be updated. This is shown in Figure 3.9. Crystal Reports will ask for confirmation of updating the command.

Figure 3.9 Updating a command in the repository.

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