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Shelbus Industries and Its Wild Web Adventure: Part 2

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  1. Introduction: A Brief Background
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 2 Analysis
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In this second installment of the fictional saga of Shelbus Industries, lead character Chris Johnson finds that building a large e-commerce site has its share of hurdles. If faced with a short time frame and a small budget, what would you do?
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Introduction: A Brief Background

In Part 1, Chris Johnson, the VP of Business Development at Shelbus Industries, found out some urgent news: Shelbus' competition just launched a new Web site that was e-commerce-capable. It fell to Chris to get Shelbus Industries up to speed—and fast. He quickly finds out, though, that his own boss (the CEO of Shelbus) barely knows anything about the Web, and tightens his wallet and timeframe, giving only $100,000 and three months to the project. Chris decides to have the site developed in phases, starting with just a couple of product categories. However, he's faced with a rival associate, Gary, who's just waiting for Chris to make a mistake, and no site developers to help him. One coworker, Erica, comes to his aid, providing the name of a developer friend of hers.

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