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Phase 3: Deployment

The third phase in the 10-step road map involves the process of deploying the KM system that you built in the preceding stages. This phase involves two steps:

  1. Deployment of the system with a results-driven incremental technique, more commonly known as the RDI methodology. This step also involves the selection and implementation of a pilot project to precede the introduction of a full-fledged KM system.

  2. Cultural change, revised reward structures, and the choice of using (or not using) a CKO to make KM produce results. This is perhaps the most important complementary step that is critical to the acceptance of a KM system in any company.

Let us take a brief look at these two steps.

Step 8: Pilot Testing and Deployment Using RDI Methodology

A large-scale project such as a typical KM system must take into account the actual needs of its users. Although a cross-functional KM team can help uncover many of these needs, a pilot deployment is the ultimate reality check. In the eighth step on the KM road map, you must decide how you can select cumulative releases with the highest payoffs first. You will evaluate the need for a pilot project; if it is needed, select the right, nontrivial, and representative pilot project. You will also appreciate scope issues and ways to identify and isolate failure points. Finally, you will evaluate how to use the RDI methodology to deploy the system, using cumulative results-driven business releases.

Step 9: Leadership and Reward Structures

The most erroneous assumption that many companies make is that the intrinsic value of an innovation such as a KM system will lead to its enthusiastic adoption and use. Knowledge sharing cannot be mandated: Your employees are not like troops, they are like volunteers. Encouraging use and gaining employee support requires new reward structures that motivate employees to use the system and contribute to its enthusiastic adoption. Above all, it requires enthusiastic leadership that sets an example to follow. Chapter 13 guides you through these leadership and incentive development issues.

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