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SAN Backups

The Sun StorEdge_ Instant Image 3.0 software enables administrators to use their existing backup software procedures and benefit from the newer SAN technology. Most backup software can perform local backups, backups across the LAN, or backups across the SAN.

Traditionally, the data was only accessible over the LAN. With its deport shadow capability, the Instant Image 3.0 software enables administrators to make a snapshot of their application data, regardless of the format, and to export it to the backup server. The backup server can then back up the data directly through the SAN. This method has the following advantages:

  • Higher performance

    The backup can be performed faster because the tape drives can be connected through several 100-Mbyte/second links through the SAN.

  • Better application performance

    Application performance improves because the backups can now be done off a second set of spindles, in separate arrays, and down separate host bus adapters.

  • Better application availability

    The availability of applications increases because the hot backup can now be done by using a snapshot, instead of waiting for the backup to be written to tape, which reduces the backup window to seconds.

  • Uses existing backup software

    The existing backup software can be used to perform LAN-free backups.

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