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Q. Why is the hottest point on the volume meters labeled 0?

A. The label 0dB on the Master bus represents the concept that the Master bus control is not increasing (a positive number) or decreasing (a negative number) the signal at this point. Because in digital audio 0dB also represents the loudest possible signal (translated as the highest possible number in digital terms) you can attain before risking distortion, there are no numbers above 0 on the ACID Master meters.

Q. I keep moving the pan fader to hard left or hard right but the audio still comes out both speakers. What could be the problem?

A. If you are sending the signal to an external mixer before it goes to your amp and speakers, you must set the pan correctly on the mixer as well. For instance, if you are sending the left output of your sound card to channel 1 and the right output to channel 2 on your mixer, pan channel 1 hard left and channel 2 hard right. Now the pan function in ACID should work correctly.

Q. Sometimes when I try to use the keyboard shortcut for Play (the spacebar), it doesn't work. Why not?

A. For this shortcut to work, the Track List or Track View area must have the focus. For instance, if you click the Master to give it focus, the spacebar will not start playback. Click anywhere in the Track List or Track View area and then press the spacebar. Now playback begins. If you want to learn one more keyboard shortcut, you press Ctrl+spacebar to start and stop playback no matter which window has focus. In fact, if you get in the habit of always using this new shortcut, you'll never have to worry about focus. You can play your project no matter which area of ACID currently has focus.

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