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Working with Folders

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Task 2: Opening the My Documents Folder

  1. Click Start.

  2. Click My Documents.

  3. If you have added any folders to this folder, you see them listed. Double-click any folder to display its contents.

  4. You see the contents of this folder. Folder icons indicate folders and page icons indicate documents. Click the Close button to close the window.

To help you keep your documents organized, Windows sets up a special folder called My Documents. You can view the contents using the My Documents command. When you organize your own documents, it's a good idea to use the My Documents folder, creating subfolders (a folder within a folder) within this main folder to store your work.

Add Folders

You can add folders to the My Documents folder. To do so, see Task 10, "Creating a New Folder."


If you have added the My Documents icon to your desktop, you can double-click this icon to open this folder. See Part 10 for information on customizing the desktop.

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