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UNIX Filesystem Administration

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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

In This Chapter

  • Introduction
  • Dividing Disk Space Wisely
  • More About Filesystems
  • Administering Local Filesystems
  • Removable Storage Media
  • Best Practices
  • Online References
  • Endnotes


Now that you know what hardware is present on your system, it's time to actually do something with it all. It's not enough to simply plug devices into a power source and machine bus—you should be able to guess by now that nothing in UNIX is that "automagical."

As always, our philosophy is to present the information that you will need on the spot and then flesh it out with background details. Although we intend for you to be able to do your job as quickly as possible, we'd also like you to be able to understand why you are doing these particular tasks and issuing these specific commands.

In this chapter, we examine the logical constructs that UNIX provides for accessing physical drives and other devices. In the next chapter, we will populate the local disks with users and discuss their proper care and feeding.

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