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This chapter is from the book


The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered. Try to answer the questions before checking the answers.


  1. How many movies can you load into _level3?

    1. None, this level is reserved for sounds.

    2. As many as you want.

    3. One.

  2. If you want to rotate (that is, set the _rotation property of) a movie that gets loaded, into what location must you load it?

    1. A Target clip.

    2. A _level number.

    3. Either Target or Level.

  3. How many people can simultaneously edit the master version of a shared item?

    1. One.

    2. As many people as you want.

    3. A number equal to how many user files you have.

Quiz Answers

  1. C. Into any level number (or into any clip instance, for that matter) you can only load one movie or .jpg at a time. If you try loading another movie into an occupied level or clip, the new movie just replaces the current occupant.

  2. C. Although changing the properties (including _rotation) of a clip instance (because you just have to use clipInstanceName._rotation=180) may seem easiest, you can also set a property of any level number—for example, _level1._rotation=180. I think it makes more sense to load movies into named clips, but you don't have to.

  3. A. Only one person can actually edit the master version of the shared items. After it's turned into an .swf, you can share it throughout a network—or just redistribute copies to everyone involved.

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