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Receiving Invitations

When you receive an invitation, your experience and your notifications are much different.

If you have Groove installed, the first thing you see is a notification in the form Invitation for (invitee) from (inviter) (date and time)—for example, Invitation for The Fly from Ima Spider (02/02/02 3:27 p.m.). Clicking on this notification brings up the Groove-Respond to Invitation dialog box, giving you the choice to accept or decline. In addition, there is an Info button that, when clicked, displays the inviter's vCard. In addition, there is a space to include a message to the inviter. If you click the Accept button, you receive some or all of the following notifications:

  • Waiting for (shared space): Waiting to send acceptance

  • Waiting for (shared space): Sending acceptance

  • Waiting for (shared space): Acceptance set

  • Downloading (shared space): x% complete

  • Installing (shared space)

  • (shared space) ready (click to open)!

Receiving an email invitation is similar. You simply double-click the attachment and the same notification sequence begins. After the space has downloaded, you will see the (shared space) ready (click to open)! message. Clicking it launches Groove into the shared space.

If you have been unable to locate someone to send the Invitation Space to, create a new identity in the My Account section and send the space to yourself. It certainly is not as good as grooving with others, but it will give you some of the experience of grooving.

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